Blocckbuster online (I have Total Access Premium – 3 at a time, unlilmited in store) has been constantly trying to reduce the number of DVDs I get by delaying shipping DVDs. The first time I complained about this I got a free coupon. The second time I complained they gave me some lame excuse about not having enough available titles in my queue. My queue always ahs more than 250 items in it. So their counter to that is that the available items should be at the top of my queue (a.k.a. no new releases can ship out on Monday). Anyway I gave in to that and this week nothing has shipped out yet inspite of that.

So I hunted online and found that this is called the Wednesday delay and Blockbuster has started doing this to everyone. Crap!

And it seems that Blockbuster is becoming evenn worse because not they are only shipping two on Wednesday and one on Friday

If this continues, Blockbuster will have almost no advantage over Netflix. Maybe I will switch if this continues and be able to watch Hindi stuff too from Netflix. I’ve complained to Blockbuster and will keep this post updated.

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