I have been a fan of Blockbuster online as compared to Netflix but recently Blockbuster has been getting worse everyday. I returned my last batch of DVDs to the store almost a week ago. There are lots of available titles in my Queue and the top two titles in the queue are marked as available. But Blockbuster still hasn’t shipped anything.

I think the Blockbuster online folks are only working one or two days a week. So this message:

To have movies shipped, just make sure you have added movies to your queue that are Available Now.

There’s nothing else to do. We will ship your next available DVDs within 1 business day.

is just a damned lie.

I’m not the only one who has this problem. Maybe it really is time to switch to Netflix?

3 thoughts on “Lies, Damned Lies and Blockbuster Lies”

  1. If the store doesn’t send your discs back or (and this is most important) doesn’t scan them in they will not ship anything else until it arrives at the online DC. How do I know? I work for BBV =P

  2. I just noticed the new entry in Report DVD issues – “I returned the movie to the store more than 24 hours ago but it has not cleared my queue” – I plan on using that often now 🙂

  3. Blockbuster has recently changed its “return at store” policy. Previously, if you return the movie to the store and pick up a new movie, they ship another movie from your Q. Now, they add the movie you picked up at the store to your shipped movies automatically.. and you have to return it to get another from your Q.

    No more free exchanges. I am considering moving to Netflix again..

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