Switching to DishHD – Not

dish_network_turbo_hdA while back when we switched to Dish Network from Comcast, I saw Dish had a set of packages called TurboHD which were HD only. Now we have a new HDTV, a baby and not that much time to watch TV and I saw the awesome quality of NBC HD over the air, I went looking for the TurboHD packages and I see they are gone. HD is now available only as an add on to their SD packages. Well Dish, I’m not paying extra for TV so  I’m not switching.

Turbo HD was exactly what I was looking for. Less expensive, only a few channels that we watch and totally HD. Why did it have to go away? I wonder how life would be if we just got rid of the TV, upgraded our DSL connection to 3Mbps and connected a computer to our TV.

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