The Hunt for a Travel Stroller

Since I really don’t have the time to go through the pros and cons here for the tons and tons of available strollers like I did for car seats before Ahan was born, I’ll get to the exciting final moments before clicking on the order button quickly.

Anyway, after spending a few days going through literally two days going through stroller reviews online for maybe 20 or 30 strollers, we finally came down to a choice between the Baby Jogger City Mini and the Joovy Kooper. The Joovy Groove was also a contender but was unavailable everywhere, probably because the 2009 models are all gone and the 2010s are about to launch.

Both these strollers are what I would call mid priced. We really didnt want to spend a fortune on the Mutsys, Phil and Teds or Valco Baby strollers. Not that the fortune gets you what you really want – a lightweight stroller that is easy to fold and has a large canopy. For a few minutes we almost decided to by a cheap throwaway stroller that would last us for one trip. At these times I always think about the money we have wasted before buying cheap-ass products only to be replaced by a better version when the thing dies.

Finally we settled on the Joovy for two primary reasons – 1) It was about 45$ cheaper and 2) We already have a three wheeled stroller good for walking and one not so important reason that the stroller looks fantastic and unique.

Also after a lot of deal hunting, we found a black Joovy for $160 at Stroller Depot and I also had a coupon for 5% off – holtrav09 – making the final price $152. The cheapest we found the City Mini was $195.50 at Albee Baby with their sitewide 15% off code 15off.

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