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I’ll try to keep this page updated every month with our solar power production. For more details about our first solar system (6.93kW of panels, 6kW inverter), visit my blog post about finding solar installers in Charlottesville. At the end of December 2016 we added another 9.425 kW, which got grid connected in Feb 2017. In Aug 2019, we added another 4.38kW. Our total system size is now 20.735kW of panels connected to 16kW inverters. We also upgraded the old system to have online monitoring.

Here is a more detailed financial analysis of solar production in Virginia. Here is my presentation at BeCamp 2018 on going solar. Here is more information about getting solar panels in Charlottesville from a friend.

April 2014 was the first full month of production. First system went live March 19 2014. So March 2014 production numbers represent a partial month. New system went live Feb 8 2017. Additional panels on second system went live Aug 6, 2019.

Cumulative Power Production as of Dec 31 2023: 162,910 kWh

Solar Panels
Solar Awning

24 thoughts on “Solar Power Production Tracker

  1. Alexander I Shaskevich says:

    I assume the picture of the solar panels are the ones on your roof. Been a few years since there was snow in Houston. Remember that day cause, I was a substitute teacher at Pasadena High School and the kids ran out of class to have a snowball fight outside.

    Kids will be kids.

  2. Siddharth Dalal says:

    Yeah they are the panels on my roof. Snow is fun, especially if you only get it one or two times a year like here. That picture was taken just a few days or maybe weeks after the panels went online.

  3. Alexander Shaskevich says:

    Sidd, long time since I visited your site. You need to update, I need to come out here more often. And one of these days, when I get that Tesla pickup, I will travel from Texas to see your solar panels in person. Smell it, touch it, feel it, I am one of those types of people.( sorry just me )

    Only got up to June of 2017 and it is now November. Also, weather in your area, how big is your place, how much light, etc….But I like seeing your article on the Semi. 90% market share in 5 years. And probably a good idea for E-long to do the semi before a regular pickup.

    Gotta sell it to Bubba that Semi electric can handle the Rockies before they go for the pickup at the ranch. Probably it will work, and in 10 years Tesla will have a big chunk of the overall vehicle market. Then I can really retire and not worry about having a roof over my head.


  4. Siddharth Dalal says:

    Thanks! I’ll update the data upto November in a few days.

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