Asset Allocation with Morningstar Instant X-Ray

Since my last post about Asset Allocation, I used a nice tool – Morningstar Instant Xray (I always assumed that this is a paid service but some parts are free) to get my asset allocation. It took a minute or two to get all the information needed and Morningstar did the rest. All that was required was all my holdings and dollar amounts in each holding. So it turns out that I’m quite close to the 60/40 US/Foreign allocation. However my portfolio is heavily weighted towards large caps. Large caps have been doing well recently but maybe it is time to move some of my funds into mid/small cap funds.

The X-Ray did not provide an emerging/developed breakdown but it is easy to see that for now my portfolio is heavily weighted towards developed markets. This is because since the last asset allocation post Parchayi and me acquired stock in Intel, Archer Daniels Midland, UPS and Blackstone. Time to make the next stock/fund purchase a foreign one, I guess. Also from the Xray, the cool world map below:

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