Blockbuster Pulls a Fast One

I got an email at 9:42pm yesterday from Blockbuster informing me of changes in my plan:

We hope you’re enjoying BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™!

There are some changes to our subscription plan lineup that introduce a new pricing structure and new plans which limit the number of in-store exchanges.

As a result, your current plan will no be longer be available at the current price.

(Unlimited Online DVDs up to 3 at a time plus unlimited in-store exchanges each month for $17.99)

We’d like to extend you a new plan that includes Unlimited Online DVDs 3 at a time plus up to 5 free* in-store exchanges for $17.99.

In addition, exclusively for BLOCKBUSTER Total Access customers, we have introduced in-store movie rentals for $1.99* per movie should you need more than the in-store exchanges included in your plan.

Your new plan will go into effect on your regular monthly billing date following August 31, 2007. If we don’t hear from you by August 31, 2007, we will automatically move you to the new BLOCKBUSTER Total Access plan referenced below as “Your New Plan”.

So they did hear from me. I emailed than that I was disappointed and can’t trust Blockbuster anymore if they reduce benefits on the best option they had so far and I would like to keep my plan at the same price as an existing customer. This is bullcrap, emailing people on Friday night, probably when they are most likely to miss the email. More discussion on this at fatwallet. When they announced the new pricing, they did seem to say that existing customers would get to keep their plans

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