Pad Thai Review

A few weeks back, I tried out Pad Thai at 156 Carlton Rd and was totally disappinted. I’m always excited when new Thai places open up but I will not be eating at Pad Thai again.

We picked up dinner just after work and the taste was less than average for a Thai place (every other Thai place I have eaten in Cville and otherwise has had better food). Also the dinner portion still left me hungry after finishing everything. The amount of food in the take out box looked like the amount of leftovers I normally have after a meal at Thai 99. Not that Pad Thai was cheaper than the other Thai places either! So bad food + not enough food! I say stick wiht Lemongrass or Thai 99 at JPA for great Thai Food.

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2 thoughts on “Pad Thai Review

  1. biju says:

    Did you try ‘Limeleaf’ at RIO hill shopping center ? they are good too.

  2. Sidd says:

    Yes we did try lime leaf. But both times the food was extremely salty and just OK. Not as good as Lemongrass or Thai 99.

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