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I recently ordered a ring for Parchayi from I looked around and didn’t find many reviews of the site and most reviews were positive but there were some negative reviews. However, after our diamond search we found that Brilliance prices were unbeatable so we decide to buy from them anyway.

We placed our order online only to learn next day that the diamond we selected was out of stock!! This was exactly what some of the reviews said. Anyway after some furious phone calls to Brilliance and talking to Jonathan (ext. 105), he promised to find us a better diamond for a similar price. And they did. They found a bigger diamond which was only $100 more than the one we selected. I was hoping they would match the price with the one we selected but after a lot of bargaining, they met me midway and gave me 50$ off. This was in addition to the coupon discount.

The order arrived one day earlier than expected and the packaging was excellent, so was the diamond. All in all the shopping experience with them was excellent except for the initial out of stock diamond. And their prices cannot be beat and they have a very large selection. Seriously. Compare them with any other online diamond store. I did. They also provide a free appraisal (most sites do but some charge extra for this) and sent a copy of the appraisal to our insurance company so the ring was insured as soon as we got it.

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  1. Ansel Taft says:

    I am writing to share my experience with After reading a handful of reviews on the 2-3 websites that actually have reviews for Brilliance, I ordered $3,100 is diamonds for my girlfriend’s engagement ring. Against my better judgment, I sent the entire amount by wire transfer to save 2% on the total. Well… my gamble paid off as I verified through a local gemologist that my entire purchase was as described. I got the real deal. In fact, he commented that the inclusions in the main (center) diamond were hard to see on the VS2 diamond, because they were further down the rock than at the top. He was impressed and now so am I. I feel as though I can now recommend Brilliance to my friends and the net. Thank you!

  2. Boyfriend O Amanda says:

    Hello fellow DIAMOND shoppers.
    You have arrived here because you searched for a review on and wanted to know the scoop on them. The bottom has the diamond info you need, in case you’re in a hurry. But here is the background info.
    I only have the scoop on their dimonds. But I have spent hours of time in research and have had so much fun! I even got to use my Dad’s 25x microscope, the one he uses to peer into peoples eyes! Though, not neccesary, it is so cool to see every edge on your stone. has great prices. But they are realistic. I believe they could be close to what actual jewlers pay who don’t have amazing sources. So you are looking at a really cool site. Don’t think though, that you are getting half price! You are getting market value plus a tiny markup, as far as i know. Half price diamonds can only be found second hand from craigslist or that one site where girls can sell their ring from (and tell the story of) a shattered relationship.
    Be careful about assuming things when you compare diamonds. You need to go into a brick and morter store and pick out what color and clarity you want. It has to be a store that prides themselves on their reputation and spends a lot of money on advertising. DO NOT go into the MALL STORES.
    Have them show you some colors. Get out 4, 5 or 6 diamond solitare engagement rings. I recommend F, G, H, I and J (if they have it. some nice stores dont have j and below.) notice that you almost cannot tell the difference down to the H or the I. That is near colorless. If a stone looks yellow at all, it must be I or below. Maybe even a J or a K. I was shown a diamond in the mall which they said was a G-H. It was most certainly a J or K or lower! This is shown in my chart below.

    What they say the color is:
    Price Mark-up
    Real grade (0) G H I J K 0
    Reputable store (+0) G H I J K (20-100%)
    Ma and Pa Jeweler(+1) F-G G-H H-I I-J J-K (20-70%) (+2) E-F F-G G-H H-I I-J (5-30%)
    Mall stores (+3,4,5) D-E E-F F-G G-H H-I (50-500%)

    Markup is my estimate from the wholesale market value of the stone. This is based on my limited 2 months of research, oppinions from the web, and many quotes and hagglings that I got into. : ] Don’t take these for hard facts. But if you don’t want to spend a month researching your butt off, these are pretty good estimates. does not lie. They just have GIA certificates from California. That’s why the color grades are off, even though it’s from the “trusted GIA.” I don’t know why California GIA is different.
    I bought an I stone and a G stone from The I stone is really a K color and the G is really an I bordering an H. Interesting.

    To hear the rest of my story email me at usa_blake % hot mail .com it might take me a while to respond. That’s my secondary/junkmail inbox.

  3. Boyfriend O Amanda says:

    @Boyfriend O Amanda
    Oops sorry about the formatting errors. It took all my spaces out. Let’s try it this way.

    What they say the color is:
    ………………………………………………..Price Mark-up
    Real grade ……. (0).. G … H … I … J … K ….. 0
    Reputable store .. (+0).. G … H … I … J … K … (20-100%)
    Ma and Pa Jeweler..(+1). F-G . G-H . H-I . I-J . J-K . (20-70%) … (+2). E-F . F-G . G-H . H-I . I-J . (5-30%)
    Mall stores ….(+3,4,5) D-E . E-F . F-G . G-H . H-I . (50-500%)

  4. anonymous says:

    Do not buy diamonds from They have bad customer service and their inventory is not updated on a regular basis. Against my better judgement, I decided to purchase from them only to find out, the diamond I purchase is not available. To make it worse, they promised me I would get the diamond in a week and I still have not received it. Every time I speak to them, there is a new excuse as to why I have not received my ring.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I bought a H colored VS1 1.36 carat EGL certified diamond from They were the best price but the diamond was NOT as described. I am not saying it was Brilliance’s fault but the diamond was an L or M color at best… They are in the process of refunding my money it has been 17 days since they recieved the diamond and I have still not received my refund. There customer service was good and they did try to rectify the situation by selling me a more expensive diamond. I am not entirely upset because I knew paying 4600.00 for a diamond of that quality was probably not realistic. I would purchase from again and I would have the diamond checked out just as I did… I had to eat the 70.00 shipping charge which was kinda annoying…

  6. Jeremy says:

    Still havent gotten my money back it has been nearly 30 days….. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. I was at first not totally displeased with the experience but that has since changed….. I would not buy from them nor would I recommend anyone else to.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Still no refund. I reported them to the BBB. I strongly discourage anyone from purchasing from if you do please realize the risk you are taking.

  8. Tony says:

    Ordered a loose diamond from Brilliance and couldn’t be happier. I saved tons of money over my local jeweler and got even better service. Bravo!

  9. Kristin says:

    @Boyfriend O Amanda This review is completely false. If you look on GIA’s official website their World Headquarters is in Carlsbad California and that is where they certify the majority of loose diamonds.

  10. anonymous too says:

    Dear Jeremy (Jeremy March 19, 2010 at 3:51 am) ,
    I don’t see any record at BBB website. Only this:
    Customer Complaint History – BBB processed a total of 0 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period.
    Please contact me if possible.

  11. trish says:

    Diamond in the rough! Best price/quality!
    Reviewed May 3, 2011

    Buying a diamond from anyone else is wasting money! No one compares to the inventory and price Brilliance has to offer. If you’re skeptical about buying diamonds on the internet read this review…

    We turned to the internet to do a little research on loose diamonds after spending 4 months with a local jeweler looking for a rectangular cushion cut diamond. The local jeweler showed us 3 diamonds, and gave us the hard sell on a stone that was not even close to the rectangular dimensions that we had discussed. After the jeweler told me what we wanted didn’t exist in the price range we wanted I turned to the internet.

    Within 10 minutes of research I came across the Brilliance website. After quickly weeding out the “competition” I discovered none compared to the inventory and price that Brilliance has to offer. Johathon Ohayon was very professional and knowledgeable, BUT we were very skeptical and cautious about making such a large purchase via a wire transfer to a person/company we hadn’t met nor done business with. Our second biggest concern was getting shipped an empty box after wiring the $$.

    Johathon eased our discomfort by lowering the amount of the deposit we wired in order to see the diamond in person. Brillance gives you 30 days (with a money back gaurantee) to return the diamond if it’s not what you want. Which provides enough time to get a GIA certification done on the stone to make sure it is what they say it is. We did this at Jonathon’s recommendation which eased our minds about getting the real thing etc. Johnathon arranged for us to see the diamond at a jeweler in LA, which eased our fear of getting an empty box.

    The diamond was everything he said it was — the right shape, color, cut, clarity — just what we were looking for!

    I cannot recommend Brilliance enough for value and quality. Jonathon also secured a slightly discounted price of the diamond even after 2 industry price hikes occured during the process, and we are thrilled that the appraisal of the diamond is more than 3 times what we paid!

    We are now working with Jonathon in the rendering/design process and getting closer to having the ring of our dreams! Thank you Jonathon!!

  12. Mike Chaput says:


    DO NOT BUY FROM BRILLIANCE.COM/BRILLIANCE CORP/BRILLIANCE LLC/BRILLIANCE LLD/BRILLIANCE LDD or any other company names that they may be going under!!! They are located in Boynton Beach, Florida and have another location in Ohio. They have committed theft, fraud and breach of contract with our custom built diamond ring. We received the ring after a lengthy period of waiting as Jonathon Ohayon made excuses as to why it was not sent.

    Upon receiving the ring, we immediately noticed the centre diamond was CHIPPED, and that there were deep tool marks/scratches in the gold. We promptly sent an email to Jonathon notifying him of our findings and that we were taking the ring to 2 accredited appraisers/jewellers to have the ring examined and assessed immediately. Both of them confirmed that the diamond was indeed chipped and that the ring had tool marks/scratches.

    In addition, the 10 side diamonds totalled only 0.85 carat and NOT 1.0 carat as we had purchased. These were NOT the E color and VS1 clarity as had been selected and purchased, but only G/H in color and SI1 in clarity (significantly lower in value and appearance-lower grade diamonds!).

    The appraiser took pictures of the chipped centre diamond, and these were sent to Jonathon at Brilliance. The ring was sent back to Brilliance for warranty replacement at their request. Jonathon now ACCUSES the certified appraiser of removing the centre diamond and damaging the diamond and the ring. The diamond was never removed from the setting to assess the damaged stone, and the pictures clearly show the chip with the diamond in the setting.

    We have all of the emails, documents, pictures and certified appraiser/gemologist reports to substantiate our case and facts.

    Brilliance refuses to build us a new ring. They have our money and our ring; this is theft. You can see the chipped diamond in the pictures. Be warned as we are not the first to fall victim to their tactics!!! Any negative comments or reviews about Brilliance mysteriously disappear. Their company name keeps changing. On Facebook, their name has changed and they have removed my post and blocked any comments about their company.

    It’s really too bad that a company that claims to have “built a reputation as an honest, ethical reseller and expert in the diamond and jewelry business, striving to always put the customer’s needs first” has no qualms about deleting posts from dis-satisfied customers. Everyone makes mistakes, but when they deny making them, hide them, or try to pass off blame to their customers, they are not living up to their mission statement.

    I think if they truly value their customers and strive to put their needs first, they would address the problem professionally and ethically. This is how they would avoid bad press. DO NOT BUY FROM BRILLIANCE!

  13. lance says:

    I’ve seen this website and experience a deal with them before, all I can say is that they really offer a good service and engagement rings we purchased was really worth it.

  14. Sharise Chappell says:

    I ordered a $22,400 3ct diamond from brilliance and was happy with the appearance of it. I took the diamond and my setting, which I purchased from somewhere else to a jeweler in Beverly Hills. He informed me that he could place the diamond in my setting but I want to let you know you have a brown diamond.
    I asked him how much is it worth if I want to upgrade later. He told me the diamond was worth $10,000.I had never even herd of a brown diamond. I returned the diamond and received my money back in 14 days. Which was 4 days past their 3-10 day refund process. From now on I will buy my jewelry in person.

  15. Brent Reinhardt says:

    “Would NOT recommend Brilliance. We have a ring that we designed. They guaranteed to make our ring to spec. It has 4 stones. The Emerald fell out during the second time of wearing it. They fixed, resent with scratches and repairs that I would compare to a three year old skill set. Embarrassing to show my wife considering I promised her that I apmade a good choice going through this company. They repaired and replaced the Emerald with a different one. This Emerald had a huge line through it. I was specific with the quality I ordered before I signed the agreement and purchased. They told me it was hard to get the Emerald I requested. I said they shouldn’t have promised it to me if it was so hard to accomplish what I was promised. They wanted some time to track down the right Emerald. Months went by at this point. The next Emerald sent didn’t have the same cut as the other stones. My wife and I had little money when we got married. This took years and lots of extra work to save for. Appx $10, 000 purchase total purchase. A new wedding band with our kids birthstones and an engagement ring with a diamond. This nearly one year battle to get what we ordered has emotionally harmed us, and my wife refuses to wear this ring now. They ruined our lifetime purchase. I wouldn’t expect much after what I went through. They refuse to refund me for our struggles and purchase. I am now seeking legal counsel and consulting with the Better Business Bureau. Be careful is what I would advise.

    Here is an email string to verify my opinions.
    Telling you that I will be moving forward to protect my purchase through legal counseling, better business bureau and website complaints is neither harassment, nor threatening. Those are terrible accusations that I will not accept. You are supposed to be a first class businessman. All I’ve ever asked for is my order completed as I placed it. For a year you haven’t done that, but kept my money. Now I want a refund per our past discussion. No phone conversation is needed. Just be ethical and do what’s right please. You have caused a great deal of sadness and anxiety in our home.

    Brent Reinhardt

    On Sep 11, 2014, at 9:17 PM, Jonathon Ohayon wrote:


    Under no circumstance will we continue working with you under threats or your harassment. You can retract your reviews, schedule a time to talk to me, and then I will gladly work with you on resolving this matter quickly and professionally. However, should you not want to resolve this between ourselves in a professional manner this will be my last email to you and I will submit this to our attorney and he will take all the necessary actions on our part.

    Have a wonderful evening,

    Jonathon Ohayon
    Chief Operating Officer | 866-737-0754 | Direct: 561-424-2701 | Skype: yohayon

    Jonathon Ohayon, the Brilliance COO is behind all of the Brilliance comments and dishonesty in their response.

  16. Brent Reinhardt says:

    As of 12-9-15 this matter has reached a satisfactory resolution.

  17. SERA says:



    I have transferred money to Jonathan the owner of the company as a payment for a piece of jewelry and that was September 2018 and after 6 months of IGNORING MY EMAILS AND CALLS he decided that he can’t manufacture the order and agreed to refund the money AND TILL NOW I HAVEN’T RECEIVED MY REFUND, IT HAS BEEN A YEAR




    six months ago after agreeing to refund my money and kept stalling for another two months and I wrote my reviews, he started asking me to remove the reviews otherwise I will not receive my money


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