Taxes :(

I finally started doing my taxes. I’m using taxact again this year (because it is free) like I did last year but taxact won’t let me import last year’s data unless I pay for the Deluxe version. Anyway so I filled out my information again. It is a pain in the ass calculating the purchase price of stock I sold because I bought it at various times over the past few years and it was even more difficult with the India Fund because I bought and sold funds in ther rights and repurchase offers.

Last year I compared tax returns from TaxAct and TaxCut and found the return to be identical. This year Taxact has calculated that I owe 2000 to the taxman :(, hopefully Taxcut will calculate something nicer. This plus some other unforseen expenses and a stock market that seems to be going nowhere this year are probably going to make it difficult to meet my annual goal but I’ll keep it intact hoping that some of my web/consulting ventures will make up for things.

P.S. Keep a watch here for coupons for Taxcut and Turbotax. I’ll post them if and when I find any.

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