Sabra Hummus and Regenie Pita Chips

Sabra HummusFor several years now, we’ve been addicted to Sabra Hummus. Our favorite is the Supremely Spicy but all the others are great too. No other Hummus even comes close. Over the last few months other brands have also started making their own creamy style hummus but none of these come close to the Sabra either.

Generally we consume Hummus with Pita chips and so far the best ones we’ve found are Regenie’s Parmesan Garlic Chips. In fact, these are so good that we’ve got a lot of friends addicted too. The local Sams Club must be wondering how the sales of these things skyrocketed in the last few years. The Amazon link is to a 12 pack of chips and is expensive. I recommend that you go to your local Sams Club or Costco to buy these.

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