Acer Aspire One Pricing Announced

Acer just lowered the bar on pricing on Ultraportables. The Aspire One starts at $379 for a linux version with an 8GB SSD, $399 for a Windows XP verrsion with a 120GB HDD both with a 3 Cell battery. A Linux version with SSD and a six cell battery is $449. A 6 cell battery costs about $119.

Now I’m torn on whether to wait for the 6 cell Wind or just get 3 Cell Acer + a six cell battery if I really need it in the future.

Feature wise, the wind has a larger 10″ screen compared to the Acer’s 8.9″ and the Wind has bluetooth. But considering that I haven’t used bluetooth on my laptop in ages now and I can get a cheap bluetooth USB key, is the 1″ difference in screen size worth the extra money? Also the Acer has 120GB of storage vs the 80GB on the Wind and the really cool blue color.

I think I’ll just pre-order the Aspire One too as soon as the blue is available at some known retailer and keep whichever comes first.

Update: Acer Aspire One in stock at Amazon – White Linux 3 Cell 512MB RAM, 8GB SSD
Update:Aspire One in stock at Newegg – White Linux 3 Cell 512MB RAM, 8GB SSD

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