Netbook Roundup

Netbooks – small cheap laptops – are all the craze now thanks to the spectacular success of the EEEPC. Everybody wants one of those cheap ultraportables. So here is a list of current and near future netbooks: – Watch for this post to be updated often with pictures, more details.

Asus EEEPC – EEPC is what started this whole trend and is available in various flavors the latest being the 901 and the 1000 which have an 8.9″ screen and 10″ screen respectively. There are various options including SSD drive/Hard Drive, Windows/Linux etc. The EEEPC 1000H with windows and an 80GB drive costs $549

MSI Wind – This is a 10″ netbook comparable to the EEEPC 1000. It was initially supposed to be $499 but now costs $549, the same as the EEEPC

Lenovo S10 – This one officially launches in October, is available in various colors and also has an express card slot which the other two above don’t have. More details soon when the product actually lauches. I plan to get myself one of these.

Dell E Slim – Dell announced a few months ago that it will lauch a few netbooks in August (nothing do far) including a 12″ in addition to the popular 10″ size

Acer Aspire One – Available in a really nice blue and in white, this has a few models with Windows/Linux, currently only with 8.9″ screens.

HP Mininote – Amongst the first of the major brands to launch a netbook, HP mininote is different from the current breed of netbooks because it doesn’t use Intels new Atom processor, Vista is an option, pricing starts at $499. However I wouldn’t buy one because Vista runs slowly, XP is an option but more expensive than Vista and it is more expensive for similar configurations than other comparable netbooks.

ECS G10IL – This one is designed to look glossy like a mac, pricing starts at $399 (not yet available), but keyboard is tiny.

Raon Digital Everun Note (not to be confused with the non-note Everun) – tiny netbook with a 7″ screen – really nice looking but has AMD Turion processor and only 2.5 hrs of battery life.

SYLVANIA g – 7″ inch screen currently, 8.9 and 10″ expected soon. All priced under $500

Hannspree – From TV maker, expected to start at $299 (!!) with 10″ screen, wifi and bluetooth.

Averatec netbook

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