New iBookDB business cards

My original iBookDB business cards were printed by PrintingForLess and they did such a great job then that I didn’t even bother to look elsewhere this time. I made my file yesterday and I just got a proof from them today. I have never come across a company so friendly with such great customer service. They helped me correct the colors on my card so that they look exactly like I want them after the RGB-CMYK conversion (and they did this the last time too). Their card stock is excellent and their prices are so good you won’t even feel like looking anywhere else.

After I approved my proof, I got the option to add aqueous coating to my 1000 business cards for only $5, so I gave them a call and asked about the benefits and I was told that all the coating does is make the cards more durable – it makes no difference to the way the card looks and while on the phone I also got some good tips on making my card design fonts better. There was no hard sell to get the coating and the decision was left to me. It was only 5$ and I was told it does not add any significant thickness to the cards so I did end up getting it.

More later when I actually get the cards.

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