6 Month Baby Update on Everything Needed and Not

Ahan is now 7 months old and it is time to follow up with an update of what we needed in the next three months after my first post about the first three months.


We really didn’t need anything extra for sleep. And if you are afraid like we were of trying the cry it out to get your baby to sleep through the night, don’t be! Just do it.


Diapers Pampers Swadlers We’ve stuck with the Swaddlers.
Wipes Lots Members Mark wipes were as good as the Huggies wipes.


Hmm, no additions to furniture either.


Clothes Lots! You still need lots of clothes and now you need some going out clothes too. You can never have enough bibs.
Pacifiers Born Free We’ve stopped using Pacifiers completely now but for a while we did continue using the Born Free ones.


Car Seat Recaro Signo Since we started off with a convertible, we didn’t need to get anything new. Ahan still likes his car seat.
Stroller Mia Moda Energi We still use this stroller everyday. We are looking for a lighter weight one for travel and maybe I’ll make a new post on that sometime. But I’ll use this space to rant that stroller prices are ridiculous.
Baby Carrier Infantino, Sleepy Wrap Ahan now enjoys both the carrier and his sleepy wrap.

We still haven’t done much travel with Ahan. Look out for for the 9 month update 🙂 for more.


Bottles Dr. Brown We still use the Dr. Brown. But I do have a warning for you. If you plan on using Dr. Browns, use the wide mouth ones. The standard ones are nearly impossible to clean perfectly. You need to use the stupid tiny brush that came with the bottles and you still can’t get everything out from the tiny parts of the bottle. It takes away twenty minutes of our life everyday just cleaning the damn bottle parts.

So if your baby doesn’t complain with Born Free or Playtex Drop-Ins , just go with those.


Nothing extra need for bath time here so far.


Jumperoo Precious Planet This was our best investment we made. As soon as your baby can hold up his/her head completely, I recommend getting one of these. It is hours of fun for them. Ahan didn’t like TV (!!!) much and he couldn’t sit up or crawl until recently so entertaining him was very difficult. The jumperoo solved this problem. He really loves the thing. They have one at his daycare too and everyone there has figured out how much he likes jumping.
Toys Vtech – Learn & Discover Driver As soon as Ahan got comfortable with tummy time and sitting, he started enjoying this thing. He pushes all the buttons, turns the wheel and enjoys this completely.


Books Lots Still reading the same books. He still likes all of them. New favorites include Good Night Stories
TV Almost None Ahan didn’t really want to watch TV. We tried Baby Einstien and random cartoons on TV. The only one he would watch for more than 5 minutes was Handy Manny and that too not always.

If I think of anything else that I missed, I’ll update the list above.

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