Some Good News from Blockbuster

My last few posts about Blockbuster have all been complaints. I’ve often reached a point where I wanted to just cancel and move to NetFlix because of stupid policies at Blockbuster such as delays in shipping of as much as 4 days if you don’t have 15 available movies at the top of your queue and excuses about distribution center problems etc.

But I just heard from BlockbusterCC on twitter that sometime this month, BB will give us the option of speed vs priority. Here is the exact quote

BlockbusterCC Thanks for the inqry. We are rolling out new options sometime 10/2009. U will have the option to ship by q order or by speed

What keeps me away from Netflix is no in-store exchanges/coupons etc. and they charge an extra 4$ for Blu-Ray on their three at a time plan. Also there are as many people complaining about Netflix throttling, which I will definitely face as a heavy user. It seems Netflix throttling is much worse than BB.

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