Transformers Blu Ray Review, Where are the cars GM?

I only watch the movie. I don’t watch bonus features, commentaries etc. at all so my reviews will not contain anything about those.

The disc directly went to the movie menu, didn’t force any trailers on me. The special features were on a second disc.

The movie was very good but not as good as the first one. It was exactly what you expect lots of robots, explosions, action etc. The CGI is great and looks fantastic on Blu-Ray. There is always so much happening on the screen that even if there were any CGI flaws you wouldn’t notice them.

The movie was 2 hours 26 minutes approx which was a bit much. They could have skipped or at the minimum skimped on the romance. Don’t go looking for plot holes, great acting or some such. That’s not what the movie is about. Just enjoy the action and the great effects. I really liked the effects during the little slow motion action thrown in. A transformer taking human form was a bad idea.

I rented the disc from Blockbuster and it included an ad for GM cars, but it contained none of the Transformers cars except the Camaro. Which is a shame. GM took a really long time to launch the Camaro after the first transformers movie and it seems will not be launching the Trax. The Spark comes in 2011 to America. The Trax and The Spark are the autobot twins.  The Corvette Stingray that looks so much better than the current corvette will also probably never hit the market. GM, what is wrong with you? Maybe next time you can have the cars at the dealer lots the day the next Transformers comes out and handout fliers at the theater along with tickets to go check out the cars.

Anyway, the countdown to Transformers 3, which comes out July, 2011 is now on.

Click here to watch in 1080P (requires Quicktime)

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