Color Nook Pixel Qi/Mirasol hopes

Nook_Color Here’s hoping that the color nook will have a Pixel Qi or Mirasol display and is not just a slightly redesigned Pandigital Novel. That would be a real shame.

Our  current nook is really good and I find reading on the nook far better than even a real book. It’s easier to hold while sleeping, no strain on the eyes and the common page refresh complaint hasn’t bothered me at all. It is faster than turning a page by hand. We always keep the nook in airplane mode and battery life is decent.

My only complaint with the nook is that the charger is not a standard usb cable so if we have to take it with us somewhere, that is one more cable to carry. We always have a USB charger with us for our phones.

The much anticipated Notion Ink Adam with a Pixel Qi display claims a 15 hour battery life for a tablet. So if the new Nook has a Pixel Qi display, that would give it an even better battery life than the current nook and it would have color.

From the looks of this Nook, I dont see the next page, previous page buttons on the side. I hope they still exist though, they are placed very well to turn pages and are much more convenient than touchscreen gestures.

Here is a comparison of the ipad and the pixel qi in sunlight (The iPad is on)

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