Stocks to Watch after CES: Motorola and more

I’ve been following all the product announcements at CES and amongst the major players, the most interesting devices are both from Motorola the Motorola Xoom tablet and The Motorola Atrix phone. Both these are one step ahead of everything else out there.

How or why the Atrix landed on AT&T instead of Verizon first is surprising (maybe due to the Verizon iPhone rumors) but it should hit Verizon soon as the Droid Bionic. Anyway after the split from Motorola into Motorola Mobility, the flaling company is in a lot better shape. Not only that, the company has been doing very well with their lineup of android phones.

And the next two monster devices should keep that momentum going. The iPhone is expected to hit Verizon and that could provide a boost to both Apple and Verizon. It is possible that the news is probably mostly baked into the stocks already and if you are from the buy on rumor, sell on news camp, you might want to be prepared to dump those tomorrow.

I’m holding on to my AAPL holdings for atleast a little while more. I might add some Verizon – the 5.5% dividend looks good even though it is a lot less than the 7% just a few months ago before the fast rise of Verizon stock prices.

Disclaimer: I own no stock in any of the companies mentioned in the article except Apple. I do own a Droid X which so far has been great.

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