Finally, No Home Phone for Us, Home Phone for Us

So finally we solved our home phone riddance problem that I posted in 2009. We moved and at our new house we didn’t get a home phone at all. We moved our home phone number to Google Voice (port to AT&T prepaid to Google Voice). Now google voice can call both our cell phones simultaneously.

But we still needed a home phone. Security system plugs into it temporarily until we get a cellphone dialer for it. We got rid of DISH and moved to Cable. The next project is getting rid of cable but so far streaming is not a viable option and we got cable essentially free with the Internet so that project is postponed. And then moving to a cheaper cellphone prover. But I digress.

Back to the home phone issue. I found this neat little device – Obi100, that connects to a Home phone and lets us use a Google Voice account to call out. Voilà. Free Home Phone service, free unlimited long distance (at least for this year). Also we ditched our calling cards to India and now can direct dial straight from Obi using money deposited to to Google Voice.

So far the device has been good. I can’t say excellent because one in about 6 calls is blank on one end. Redialing fixes it. When connected, voice quality is very good. No different from a regular phone line calling locally, nationally or internationally. The device can connect to multiple google voice accounts too. It can also connect to SIP providers. I’ve made several very long (> half an hour calls) and had no issue.

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