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Here is a script I wrote to make my son practice division. Other online division sites that I found were either cumbersome click wise or required plugins or did not have customizable number of digits or did not work on mobile devices. This script should work in any modern browser. Click the Settings icon to change the number of digits from 3 to 10 Leading zeros in the answer are required. Subtracting zeros in the steps is also required. However, you can tab to the next cell during the steps and actually typing in a zero is not required. The script only checks if the answer and remainder are correct, nothing else. It automatically checks the answer once complete. It shows the next problem as soon as the answer is correct. If the answer is wrong, you need to manually click, "Check Answer" after correcting your answer. Feedback and comments are welcome if this helps you or if I can make this better.

12 thoughts on “Long Division Practice For Kids”

  1. Haha, how about we stick to stuff that fits on the screen. But this is a good lesson in why you need limits on inputs while programming.

  2. I have used this with students & it is helpful. Can you change the divisor to be a 2 digit number? I saw that you can change the dividend but can’t find a game similar to this that have 2-digit divisors that forces them to the next step. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try and do that when I get some time.

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