2017 Full Year Solar Production

Our second system was grid connected in February and we are now officially a net zero house. Our power bill is now negative with the last one cumulatively reaching over negative $1,000.

We produced a lot more power than we consumed, however Dominion buys all that solar power. We buy back 100% of our usage in solar (Green Power Rider) – the complications of going 100% green. In 2017, The old system produced 8,536kWh compared to 8,328kWh in 2016 and 8,545kWh in 2015. The new system produced 9,009 kWh (the inverter reported 9,545 but is over-reporting).

Here is how much both the systems produced each month:


So our total production of 17,545 kWh offset over 17,000 lb of coal, pushed us to being net zero for power consumption. Our goal for 2018 is to make 100% of our driving electric by mid-year from the currently ~75% electric driving. We also divested the last of our direct investments in fossil fuel and associated companies in 2017.

Wish you a Happy & Green New Year 2018!

1 thought on “2017 Full Year Solar Production

  1. Alexander Shaskevich says:

    Sidd, very interesting that you are paying ALBEMARLE utility tax. I thought Albemarle was a mining company, but it is also a city in North Carolina. Makes for interesting naming. I saw the credit that you got for your solar production. It is a little complicated, but $162 credit is a credit. Also, your solar production mirrors out electric usage out here in TX.

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