2018 EV and Tesla Market Share Update

2018 was the year Tesla took over. Tesla commanded ~65% of the plugin market in December:

For the full year 2018, Tesla had 53% market share. GM, with the second largest market share was at only 10%:

The Model 3 similarly took over the US Compact Luxury sedan market:

In fact, Tesla sold so many Model 3’s in the last 6 months that it has been in the top 5 passenger cars sold since September and now has entered the top 10 for all of 2018. The Model 3 had 5.5% of the passenger car market in December and 2.6% for 2018.

With just three models for sale, Tesla is on track to overtake the top US luxury brands in 2019. If not in 2019, definitely in 2020:

Here is 2018 by month:

Maybe 2019 is the year of the Tesla Killer that we’ve been hearing about? It is more likely 2019 will be the year Tesla enters the S&P 500.

Data Sources: Inside EVs, Good Car Bad Car, Car Sales Base
Disclosure: Long TSLA

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