2018 Solar Update – Watt Upp – It’s The (R3V)olution

Leaf (WATTUPP), Tesla (R3V)

In June 2018, we got R3V – our Tesla Model 3. A few months later we sold our gas car. Now we are fully electric with a Model 3 and a Leaf. All powered by 100% renewable energy from Dominion Green Power (we sell our solar power to Dominion and buy back green power).

In 2018, we produced 16192kWh of solar power. Even after adding a second electric car, more power consuming devices and garage construction and lower than usual production thanks to the most rainfall in recorded history for Charlottesville, we still produced more than we used (15714kWh).

My sphere of renewable energy influence has also grown – the total number of solar power systems people got after talking to me reached 5, the number of people buying RECs reached 3. Still zero on people using my referral to get Teslas. The tax credit on Teslas will be gone soon. It has already halved.

In 2019, I hope to add a few more kW of solar since our garage expansion has given us some extra roof space.

Happy New Year and I hope my experience helps you have a greener 2019!!

4 thoughts on “2018 Solar Update – Watt Upp – It’s The (R3V)olution

  1. Stephen Levin (@smlevin11) says:

    Your referral influence is probably higher than you think. We installed on Dec 28th (whew – taxes!) after going to your becamp talk ? – I’d already been thinking about it, but that definitely tipped me over the edge.

  2. Siddharth Dalal says:

    Wow, that’s good to know! So I’m officially up to 7. I heard from another person on LinkedIn that they are getting quotes after my talk. Fingers crossed for 8. I should put my slides up.

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