Worldwide Availability of Elementary JavaScript & 15% Off Right Now

I recently received my proof copy from Lulu and the printing is very high quality. It just feels better than the book from Barnes and Noble press and from Amazon.

What’s more is that it now ships globally directly from In a couple of months, I expect availability from major online stores, probably even in Amazon locales where the book is currently not available in paperback form. I will update with more on that soon. When it does become available in those stores, it will be more pricey thanks to Ingram’s ridiculous distribution costs.

So I highly recommend ordering it directly from Lulu now and now you even get a 15% discount if you use the code PUBLISH15.

Shipping costs are reasonable even to Australia and New Zealand!

Get it now and get your kids programming and join them if you want to learn too!

Click here to buy:

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