Hi! I’m Siddharth. I currently work at ChartIQ, where I work on a unique product called Finsemble, that allows you to build a unified desktop workflow from a combination of web and native applications.

I’m a Software Engineer with more than 15 years of experience. I have worked at the University of Virginia, Worldstrides (a student travel organization) and various startups, one of which I was the co-founder of. I also ran The Internet Book Database for a few years and wrote at Seeking Alpha. I used to blog about finance at http://www.parchayi.com/ but I have since merged that site into this one. You can find me on LinkedIn.

On this blog, expect to read about renewable energy, finance (since now my blogs are one), technical stuff, Charlottesville, food, movies, books and whatever else I select to bore you with.

Manufacturers, send me expensive electronics, cars, products or whatever and I’ll review them here.

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  1. Hi –
    I’m working with a start-up for food bloggers in Virginia called Tabelog (www.tabelog.us). They’re a subsidiary of the largest company in Japan Tabelog.com (similar to Yelp here in the US).
    We’re bringing their annual restaurant awards to the US that are judged solely by a panel of local food bloggers (all online). The winning restaurants get a framed 2015 award and the food bloggers get an ‘official judge’ icons/etc. and related PR for their blog. We’re looking for bloggers from the Virginia area to invite as an official judge. Is this something that you would be interested in?
    Thanks in advance!

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