More Code With My Son: Now I’m Learning with him

Since my last post on coding with my son, his game Blob Attack has come a long way. New graphics, more levels, a real leaderboard, somewhat proper signup and registration and now phone playability. This caused us to Google often and I got a lot of – “YOU don’t know how to do this?!” Thankfully…

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More Code With My Son: A New Game – Blob Attack

Before you read my ramblings, here is Ahan’s blog post about the game. After our last attempt implementing the card game 7-8, this time around we set about making a game totally invented by Ahan called Blob Attack. It’s not yet complete, but playable now (visit his blog post for a link – seriously, no…

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Teaching My Son to Code. Insanity Now. Serenity Never.

A while ago my son, Ahan, started showing some interest in code. He was visiting regularly and dragging random code blocks together to draw patterns. But after a few months of that without understanding much more than a loop is used to repeat things, I decided it was time for him to learn some “real” code….

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Addition Practice For Kids

Max Digits: Min Digits: How Many?: CarryOver? Check Answer CorrectWrong00 Click the gear icon at the top for settings. You can change the maximum and minimum number of digits, whether the problem should have carry-overs or not and how many numbers to add. If carry-overs are disabled, only two numbers will be shown and the... Read More

Multiplication Tables Practice For Kids

Max Number: Min Number: How Many?: Entire Table For A Number (Uncheck for random) Highlight Errors? Check Answer CorrectWrong00 Instructions: Click on the gear icon for settings. Enter all the answers and click "Check Answers". Since my Long Division post became one of my most visited pages on this site, I've decided to add some... Read More

Long Division Practice For Kids

Number of Digits: Check Answer Correct Wrong 0 0 Here is a script I wrote to make my son practice division. Other online division sites that I found were either cumbersome click wise or required plugins or did not have customizable number of digits or did not work on mobile devices. This script should work... Read More