Comparison of Credit Card Online Account Management

Bank Good Bad Overall (out of 5)
Citibank Easy To Use No Bill Pay, No Automatic Recurring Payments to Card 3
Chase Very Easy to use (even with multiple accounts), Can setup automatic recurring payments exactly on due date No Bill Pay 5
Providian Very Easy to Use, Can setup Automatic payments exactly on due date, Free Credit score updated monthly No Bill Pay 5
MBNA Easy to Use, Has Online Bill Pay to Pay other Merchants, Can Setup Recurring Payments Cannot Setup Recurring Payments to Pay exactly on the Due Date of Credit Card Bill. No points on bill pay for most merchants. 4
Bank of America Can schedule Automatic Payments exactly on due date. Can Pay other Bills. Can manage other BOA accounts (checking/savings etc.) from the same place. Cumbersome Sign On Process. Does not go directly to acount if BOA wants to make announcements. 4
RBS Easy to Use No Recurring Payments, Not Listed on Yodlee, Does not work in Opera, No Bill Pay 2
HSBC Easy to use but not as simple as others because of payments opening up in separate window. Can setup recurring payments to card Cannot setup payments to credit card on exact due date, No Bill Pay. Cash or Fly Card Rewards site only works in Internet Explorer 3
Discover Card Easy to Use, Can Pay Other Bills No Recurring Payments to card 3
American Express Easy to Use Very Busy Interface, No Recurring Payments, No Bill Pay 2

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