More Code With My Son: Now I’m Learning with him

Since my last post on coding with my son, his game Blob Attack has come a long way. New graphics, more levels, a real leaderboard, somewhat proper signup and registration and now phone playability. This caused us to Google often and I got a lot of – “YOU don’t know how to do this?!” Thankfully…

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More Code With My Son: A New Game – Blob Attack

Before you read my ramblings, here is Ahan’s blog post about the game. After our last attempt implementing the card game 7-8, this time around we set about making a game totally invented by Ahan called Blob Attack. It’s not yet complete, but playable now (visit his blog post for a link – seriously, no…

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Teaching My Son to Code. Insanity Now. Serenity Never.

A while ago my son, Ahan, started showing some interest in code. He was visiting regularly and dragging random code blocks together to draw patterns. But after a few months of that without understanding much more than a loop is used to repeat things, I decided it was time for him to learn some “real” code….

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Long Division Practice For Kids

Number of Digits: Check Answer Correct Wrong 0 0 Here is a script I wrote to make my son practice division. Other online division sites that I found were either cumbersome click wise or required plugins or did not have customizable number of digits or did not work on mobile devices. This script should work... Read More