2019 Full Year Solar Production

In 2019, we added another 4,380W of solar panels that went live in August 2019 on our garage as we were planning in 2018. Like our previous systems, we got these from Genesis Home and Energy. That brings our total system size to 20,735W of panels connected to two inverters (10kW + 6kW). Total production in 2019 was 18,548kWh. Even with two electric cars, this is more power than we used in the year – 14,714kWh – making us better than net zero.

Total production as of Dec 31 2019 is over 76MWh. This is how our solar production has grown each year as we have expanded our system:

76MWh represents 76000 pounds of coal or 76000 cubic ft. of natural gas if the power came from either of those sources. If you are considering solar panels, look at this presentation from a friend who got solar panels in 2019 too. As the solar rebate winds down, this year would be a great time to get solar panels after the pandemic ends.

For more information, visit my solar production tracker page.

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