The Beginning Of My End

Rahm, an Indian American engineer, is a man of science and now a ghost. Murdered by his girlfriend, Marie. She’s hidden his body and vanished into thin air. Rahm is also the number one suspect in the deaths of his research team. A global conglomerate, Mashataki, has stolen his team’s research, launched a copycat product, and government agencies are using it for spying.

Rahm wants revenge. But as he gets closer, the trail of bodies grows, and the conspiracy goes deeper than he can imagine.


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Awesome story with so much research work in the background. Rahm guides us through an epic journey of international cooperation (even in death). There’s a unique sense of justice that resonates with everyone. I also have a special place in my heart for perhaps the best use of Facebook that will ever exist! I hope other readers enjoy The Beginning of My End as much as I did. – Céline Domenech, author of Shadow of Phaedrus

Engaging and Clever. Now I need to wait for the Netflix series – David H.

Seriously Loved it. Now I’m making my husband read it – Ashley G.

Enjoyable reading with commendable research – Yasmin D.

Novel concept and thoroughly engaging – Damini D.

Sid as I m about to finish your book,
I must say I liked what you cook,
When I started reading I shook,
After all, it’s an engineer’s book.
As I continued reading,
More n more I started enjoying,
The twist n turns you stressed
They got me more obsessed
It took me a longish time to read
But must say u have toiled a good seed
Your next book is now the one I need
I pronounce you an engineered author indeed

– Siddharth S