Full Year 2015 Solar Production Review

Happy New Year! In 2015, my solar system produced 8545 kWh (That’s equal to a cool tax free $1281.75 – to answer a question I get a lot from people). In most months the production was more than expected:

Considering that producing power with coal takes 1lb/kWh and producing power using natural gas uses 1cu ft/kWh, the system offset the use of 8500 pounds of coal or 85000 cubic ft. of natural gas (85000 cubic ft = 4 times the volume of my house)! In one year. On top of that the system gave me annual returns of 10.6% on the money invested, not including some tax benefits from selling power to Dominion with their solar purchase program. There is still time left to join the program – they have 25kW left for residential customers.

For more on global renewable energy trends, visit me at SeekingAlpha, to read my thoughts on trends in renewable energy in electricity production in the US and Worldwide:

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