More Code With My Son: Now I’m Learning with him

Since my last post on coding with my son, his game Blob Attack has come a long way.

New graphics, more levels, a real leaderboard, somewhat proper signup and registration and now phone playability. This caused us to Google often and I got a lot of – “YOU don’t know how to do this?!”

Thankfully now we’re at a point of willingness to learn code. Hopefully the dark nights of the soul are done. My guess on what it took as compared to last time is that Blob Attack is something everyone, especially all of his friends, can play as opposed to the card game from last time, which would take a lot of effort to teach people how to play.

If you’re reading this blog post, my son has challenged you to knock him off the leaderboard.

This post was written on my phone while he’s working on the game. Excuse any typos

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