Gripe 1 with Oracle – Pagination with queries.

Oracle 10g logoTwo months ago I moved to the Department of Procurement Services at the University of Virginia. Now I get to use Oracle for the first time and it is an adjustment being used to MySQL. I had high expectations from Oracle hoping my life as a Web and Database Application Developer will be easier. So far dealing with Oracle hasn’t been fun.

First order of business was to create pagination for some database results. Being used to the very convenient limit m,n of MySql, I set out to find the equivalent in Oracle – oops! – there is none. So I go about searching and find this – On ROWNUM and Limiting Results – a bunch of inconvenient ways to achieve the same result. Even Postgres has Limit n, Offset m. Come on Oracle – it is high time to implement this – three deep nesting is not nice for ordered pagination.

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