Blue Ray/HD-DVD Combo Dual-Format Player!!

LG BH100 Blue Ray HD DVD dual format playerFinally I saw one of these available on Amazon – LG BH100 High-Definition HD DVD/Blue-ray Player. Cost $1099 = I am not getting one yet. I will buy an HD projector, however, when I get one so that I don’t have to replace it when I eventually get one of these players. Keep a watch on this blog for my hunt for an affordable HD projector. So far my criteria are: Native 720p minimum, under 1000$, 2000 lumens minimum. I’m hoping that combination is possible in this year.

LG’s player is the first to hit the market but rumors are that Samsung is going to launch one soon. Hopefully this will drive down costs.

Here is 10% off 199 (until 08/31/07) at Circuit City for you to make this cheaper!

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