Safari On Windows Review

screenshot I just downloaded the new Safari For Windows and the first thing I noticed was that it was blindingly fast.

But that is where my liking for the Browser ended. Fonts looked like crap (click on the screenshot for a larger version). So I go into the settings and there are three options for Font Smoothing and all three are bad. Next I hit maximize and Safari maximises across both the screens of my dual monitor. There is no way to maximize it to one because the usual NVidia buttons are absent from the Safari window thanks to Safari not using Native Windows controls. This was no surprise to me because that is how Apple works (e.g. Quicktime and Itunes). And most annoyingly – the scroll wheel on the mouse doesn’t work. Hopefully some of this will be resolved when the browser is out of beta??

An avid Opera user, Safari gives me no real reason to switch or even consider it as an alternative browser. It does make it convenient to test sites on Safari without a Mac however.

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