MIO C310x Map updates disappointing

After many thousands of MIO C310X devices sold on Black Friday (including one to me), MIO promised to release map updates soon and free as far as I remember. Finally they did and not for free. You have to buy the DVD and get it shipped – no download option.

The new maps are the Tele-Atlas 2006.10 maps not the latest 2007.1 maps. Also, MIO decided to strip out Points of Interest from the old version now reducing them to 1.5 million from the original 3.5 million. They claim that is to make the maps fit in the 1GB on the device. The Tele-Atlas maps contain 12 million Points of Interest. I wonder why MIO is alienating customers with this silly releaste without even proving an option to get the rest of the POIs onto an SD card. Also there is no easy way to go back to the old maps.

Unlike a lot of people, I still haven’t unlocked my C310X, but I think I just might do that and try out some other software like OCN6 or iGuidance on the MIO if there are more bad reviews about the new maps – there aren’t enough yet to figure out if the POI reduction is really bad.

Overall, the MIO is a great device for the price I paid – $150 After rebate. The routing is not excellent, but is good enough and the software (a MIO branded iGo) is nice and easy to use. The best part about the device is the ability to “unlock it” and use it like a PDA in addition to the GPS part. Plus if you really want them, there are tons of sites around that will show you how to get essentially any maps you want onto the device.

Here is 10% off 199 (until 08/31/07) at Circuit City for you to use to get this or anything else!

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