Comcast – Incompetent and Thieves

No More ComcastWe switched from Dish+DSL to Cable in June because of their irresistible offer – 29.99 for Cable (Digital Basic + HBO + Max) for a whole year and 19.99 for Internet for six months. However since the day we switched we have had nothing but trouble.

On the day of installation, our signal was terrible. It turned out that the wire leading to our house was bad. So they replaced that quickly in a week and voila, everything was clear and we were happy for a day. After which it was all downhill again. We get serious noise on analog channels starting from the 50s. All the digital channels face serious pixellation and sound skipping atleast once a minute. Somebody was supposed to show up yesterday to fix the problem and that never happened. I called them several times after their two hour interval was over and was assured several times that the person is running late and will give me a call with his ETA. No such luck. No person and no call to even inform us or reschedule.

To top all this trouble, as soon as I setup automatic payments the promotion disappeared (?) and my bill went up from 54 including tax to 89.85 including tax and a 25$ credit that they gave me for the trouble, which makes a grand total of 114.85!!!!

I called comcast to fix this and the person had no clue why the bill was what it was. She could not figure any of the charges on the bill and wasted half an hour of mine until I just hung up in frustration (I couldn’t shout while I was at work). I was given bogus stories such as “Sir you got cable in Jun but High speed Internet in August”. What the hell have I been paying for from Jun until August then? I have since sent out an email to customer service and hopefully someone will fix things soon. If not, bye bye Cable.

Update: Comcast had automatically changed the time the tech visited to today without informing me! I got a reply from the email I sent comcast and it told me to chat with Customer Service. It turns out that the person I talked to on the phone had atleast reduced my bill some and the chat person reduced my bill back to what it should be. Now if only their tech can fix our channels. P.S. None of this affects the bill shown on the website and on the website there is no way to tell how much you owe!

Update: As usual, nobody showed up again and after a lot of screaming and complaining, I got another 25$ credit and somebody is scheduled to come in another week from now!!! If you are considering switching to Comcast in Charlottesville, think again. I wish the city would allow some competition for Comcast. When we had Dish, we could get no local channels thanks to trees blocking the view of their satellite.

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