XRay Again

I just ran an XRay on all our investments today and I was sort of surprised. I knew my International exposure would be less since I sold of a majority of my India funds. However, considering that my largest holding is VEIEX (9% of my portfolio), it was strange to see that my portfolio was still 62% US Stocks and 34% Foreign Stocks making it very similar to my allocation in July inspite of a lot of changes in my holdings. My style diversification is also very close to July’s with majority Large Cap holdings. So I really need to focus on moving some funds around to midcaps and internationals.

I’m waiting for a pullback in India before I dive in again. As of now the premium on INP is >10% while IFN trades at a 15% discount!! I’m not entirely sure which one I would buy. Right now I’m waiting and watching. I did acquire some FNI even though it invests only in ADRs and recently acquired some GOOG and AAPL hoping that next year will bring even more success as the iPhone goes international, Macs gain marketshare, Google takes over even more of the webs advertising dollars and hopefully launches a gPhone.

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