Bye Bye Macbook Air – Hello Lenovo X300

Lenovo has taken everything that was wrong with the Macbook Air and fixed it and come up with the new X300. All the missing ports included (Mini PCIe, 3!! USB ports, mic in, headphone out, stereo speakers vs. mono on the air, and my favorite Thinkpad thing – the trackpoint mouse, gigabit ethernet port), a dvd burner included, a higher resolution screen (1440*900 vs. 1280*800), memory expandable to 4GB, a faster processor (2GHz vs 1.8). The notebook even has built in bluetooth, wifi, options for Verizon/At&T broadband, gps, wimax. It also includes other goodies like a fingerprint reader, webcam and microphone. After all this the weight comes in just a hair over 3 pounds!

So where is the down side? The only Hard Drive option is a Solid State Drive making the price high (estimated $2500-$2800) but still lower than the Macbook Air with the SSD.

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Why one should not buy anything except a thinkpad:

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