Diesel Car Update

In the last post I talked about biodiesel as fuel of the future and mentioned the upcoming Accord diesel. Currently most of the diesel vehicles in the US are trucks, vans and Mercs, however this is changing. Volkswagen is bringing the Jetta TDI to US (was supposed be here this month but keeps getting delayed) before the Accord. Next in line is the Maxima diesel and BMW diesel models of most of their cars. Rumors are there will even be a corvette diesel!

Mileage for diesels rivals that of Hybrid vehicles of similar size. However considering that diesel in the US is about 15% more expensive than gasoline, that advantage might not be much unless the biodiesel refineries popping up all over the country cause a glut of cheap biodiesel and B100 or B99 are usable with future cars.

Here is one blogger who keeps up with the diesel happenings in USA

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