Free Lifelock

Here is how to get Lifelock (a service that puts a Fraud Alert on your behalf at all the credit reporting agencies automatically every 90 days) for Free. Go to their Enrollment Form and enter ‘ or 1 or ‘ with the quotes included and voila – the service goes down to 0$ annualy. Wonderfull programming from a site trying to protect your identity!

Just so you know these guys are being sued for misrepresentation of services and their CEO, Todd something or the other has had his identity stolen at least once and maybe as many as 20 times according to some reports. So don’t go posting your SSN online, on TV etc. like him!

Just so you know, you can get your credit report for free from and your credit score for free just by opening a WaMu Credit Card account and if you are interested in improving your credit score, check out my previous posts on Credit Score Whoring.

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