MSI Wind availability

The MSI Wind is now listed at the MSI website. The 3 cell it seems will be shipped on Jun 21. I’ll wait for the 6 cell in July before buying. Here is a link – The site is still not taking orders (1:09PM Eastern).

Other retailers who have it listed are:
1. Amazon
2. RK Computers (link from MSI website
3. Low Price Joe
4. Q2 Designs

Nobody still has it in stock and most retailers who mention dates, mention 20th Jun or later. I wonder why MSI pulled this stunt, stating boldly that they will start shipping today. Also the retailers don’t know if they will get the 3 cell or the 6 cell battery versions.

Update (1:52PM Eastern): MSI has taken off the 6 Cell and Linux Winds and the 3 Cell ship date has been pushed back to Jun 27. Maybe the EEEPC 901 and 1000h will show up before the Wind?

Update (3:10PM Eastern): MSI has taken off all the Winds from it’s website now and there is no official release date any more. The main page still links to the press release with today as the release date. I now have my doubts that I’ll find one next month too. Crap!

Update (3:56PM Eastern): 3 Cell Ones are back and in stock (limit one per customer) – currently 56 black and 24 white in stock. Shipping Jun 27. For a product that created so much hype these low numbers are ridiculous!! I’m still waiting for the 6 Cell.

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