Gas Price Gouging in Cville + One more reason not to buy a Honda here

I drove back from DC to Charlottesville yesterday and gas prices at most of the pumps on 29 was between $2.999 and $3.099. As soon as you enter Charlottesville, prices are above $3.369. Why the nearly 40c difference within a few miles? Anybody with ideas on where to report this gouging please contact me. This was even reported on the news, but gas stations seem to be shamelessly unaffected.

Brown Honda of Charlottesville, I will never buy a car from you thanks to your shitty automated spam. I own a Nissan bought at Colonial and I’ve been to them several times and even they don’t phone spam me. I go to Brown Honda once for a state inspection and I have to deal with your stupid automated phone calls at work. I will never get anything done from you again and I will never buy a car from you.

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