Comcast Cont’d

Continued from my Previous Post about my dispute with comcast.

By now comcast has probably spent 5x my bill in man hours trying to fix it! I recently got a bill (prepared on Dec 16, after my issue was supposedly fixed) and it was still for the same wrong amount. So I sent an email on 12/29 to comcast (the call I’m referring to is the call I got previously when my bill was supposedly fixed)

I got the call and I thought my problem will be taken care of. But today I got my final bill and it is 85 instead of about 32. Thank God I decided not to continue with cable.

Anyway a few minutes after I sent the email, I got another call saying I should disregard the bill and it was prepared before the problem was fixed. Sure, why not.

One week later, I get another bill. Again for the wrong amount. This time I neither called nor sent an email. But I got another phone message from comcast asking me to disregard the bill.

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