Charlottesville Local Restaurant Chains

Charlottesville is home to many local chain eateries all of which offer excellent food IMHO and this is a list of all that I know of.  Comment if I missed any. Criteria for inclusion – started in Cville and has 2 or more locations here. I was going to call this post only in Cville but it turns out some of our chains are branching out of cville too!

  • Arch’s Frozen Yogurt – The best frozen yogurt anywhere, seriously. They also offer soups and sandwiches. At the corner and on 29.
  • Baja Bean – Mexican (Americanized?), I’m not personally a fan but everyone else seems to love it. At the corner and on 29 (also in Staunton and Richmond).
  • Bodo’s Bagels – Really great bagels and delicious cream cheese (my favorite – Honey Pecan). At the corner, on 29 and on Preston Ave.
  • Christian’s Pizza – Yummy Pizzas with unique toppings. Downtown, Corner and Pantops
  • Revolutionary Soup – Great place for vegetarians. Nice sandwiches and excellent soups. At the corner and downtown.
  • Sticks Kebob Shop – Healthy and delecious Mediterranean food, the best hummus anywhere, often has great soups and don’t forget to try the mango limeade. On Pantops and Preston.
  • Thai 99 – The best authentic Thai food in Cville.  On JPA and on 29 near Carmike (also in Lynchburg).

We also have Guadlajara and Amigos but I’m not sure if they are local chains so if you have definite info that they are let me know and I’ll update this post.

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