Supplied Cables with Home Theater Systems

This weekened we bought a Samsung HT-BD1250 Blu Ray Home Theater in a box system. The system as a whole is fantastic with great picture and great sound. But the cable included in the box is a regular composite video cable that can only do 480i!! (not even 480p). That is just ridiculous. A non-tech savvy person who gets this system will expect that their fancy-shmancy new Home Theater will provide them great HD experience out of the box. Little do they know that their Blu-Rays discs are no better than regular DVDs with the supplied cable. In fact a regular DVD player will probably be better because at least they will be 480p.

Luckily for me I have plenty of component cables sitting around. But even with the component cables the max the system will output is 1080i. I just don’t get it. A 10ft HDMi cable costs about $10 shipped ($5 for cable $5 for shipping) from Monoprice (I ordered 2 for about $16). Why can’t they just include the damn HDMi cable in? Is this because retailers want to sell you their $40 HDMI cables and don’t want manufacturers to include them? What could possibly be the reason for making a great blu-ray player and then providing a mostly useless cable?

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