Verizon vs At&T. Fastest 3G vs. Most Reliable 3G

verizonThe new At&T lawsuit is not the first one it has filed against Verizon. In July At&T filed a lawsuit against Verizon for claiming their network to be “the best” and “the most reliable” 3G network. At the same time At&T themselves claimed “More Bars in More Places” (ha).

Now AT&T is suing Verizon for their “There’s a map for that ads”.  They recently also added another Verizon ad to the lawsuit which shows a map of AT&Ts 3G coverage. In all of Verrizon’s ads the map is clearly labeled as “3G coverage”. I’m sure At&T is worried about what will happen when it’s iPhone exclusivity ends? Amongst all carriers all over the world, AT&T is the only one that actually blocked features like MMS and tethering on launch day. Just goes to show how bad the state of AT&Ts network is and there are major city locations where a 30% dropped call rate is normal for AT&T.

att_logo_250Even now instead of improving 3G coverage faster (my iPhone toting buddies in Cville just recently got 3G, while I’ve been enjoying 3G on Alltel – now Verizon – for quite a while now), AT&T decides to waste money suing, bringing more attention to it’s deficiencies. It’s a wonder AT&T was not sued for it’s claims in the past of “fewest dropped calls”, “more bars”, “fastest 3g” etc. but I guess other companies were busy expanding their networks instead of suing, while AT&T was busy counting money from iPhone users with dropped calls, large bills and no 3G while wasting money on lawyers.

I was happy with Alltel (and their awesome customer service) and so far have no complaints with Verizon but I’ve never had to deal with their customer service and I hope I never have to.

I own no stock in either company and if you were considering investing in one of the above, you can easily tell which is the better choice.

AT&T = running scared that iPhone exclusivity ends and people will quit in droves thanks to crappy network + no Android/WebOS phones to compete in the near future.

VZW = introducing better phones all the time (Android phones now, WebOS coming soon), not crippling devices anymore, nationwide 3G.

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