Apple Rumors and the Stock

Apple Apple Stock is up over 4% today after the company sent out official invites to an event on Jan 27. The invite only said “Come See Our Latest Creation”.

Speculation is that Apple plans to release a tablet PC, possibly called iSlate. However rumors are that Apple is also planning to sell eBooks on the device and is in talks with Harper Collins. Also rumors state that Apple’s terms will be better than the terms offered by Amazon on the Kindle.

Analysts already have predictions on the earnings potential of a so far not announced device at $1/share.

Apple is probably the only company that can create so much hype about an unknown future product. For all you know it could simply be an ebook reader. It is also expected that Apple will announce a new iPhone OS and a new version of iLife.

Should you buy Apple stock now? Maybe you should wait to see how revolutionary the new device is.

Disclaimer: AAPL stockholder here. But no Apple products.

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