Windows Mobile 7 Series coming Holiday Season 2010

windows 7 seriesMicrosoft Announced Windows Mobile 7 Series at MWC today and the screenshots are nothing close to any leaked screenshots ever seen before.

And the announcement said that Phones with WinMo 7 will be available this holiday season. Just in time for my contract to expire and time to upgrade my HTC Touch Pro, which so far has been totally awesome. And thanks to the great folks at xda, I now have Windows Mobile 6.5 running on it with the latest installment of HTC Sense.

Looking a the WinMo demo presentation coverage at engadget, it looks like WinMo 7 is trying to do what phone companies like HTC and Samsung have been trying to do with Windows Mobile for ages. Create new an innovative interfaces while hiding the OS internals further.

Hopefully Windows 7 Series lives up to it’s expectations. Even if not, I’m sure HTC and other phone makers will make the best of it.

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